Bright Baum ensures that all of our LED trees and bonsai meet the strict standards of quality, durability, and beauty that our company stands for. While we strive to provide the best quality products available, occasionally a product will arrive with a lighting or foliage issue. If you receive a Tree or Bonsai which does not work properly upon receipt, please contact us at   

If we are made aware of the specific issue within 7 days of purchase, we will make arrangements for our Parts Replacement Department to ship a replacement of any damaged or malfunctioning part within 10 business days* upon identification of the issue. 


Bright Baum warrants to the original purchaser of our product that the LED Trees shall be free from manufacturer or workmanship defects for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. Manufacturer defects include but are not limited to: low voltage LED lights, defective wiring, power supply, transformer failure, and bulb socket failure for a period of one year from original date of purchase. 


This Warranty shall NOT apply if this product (A) Is damaged through accidental or natural means (B) Is damaged by abuse, misuse, modification, negligence, wear and tear (C) Is damaged from excessive or over use either commercial or personal* or (D) Other causes unrelated to defective materials or workmanship. (E) Is purchased as used or is received by trading or exchange.

Special Notice: 

We can however, offer limited warranty service for your product for a fee.*

*Excessive or Over use is defined as frequent assembly and dis-assembly of trees in a short period of time. All questions on how often a tree can be assembled/dis-assembled should be forwarded to

You as a consumer assume all risks and liabilities associated with the use of third party products which may cause harm to Bright Baum trees and or products.  

The warranty does not cover loose or broken blossoms/foliage. For customer convenience, a complimentary package of replacement blossoms and foliage are included with purchase.  

To obtain warranty service a valid proof of purchase is required. Receipts from an authorized retailer along with the date of original purchase must be presented. Receipt and date should be forwarded to Please include your first and last name, daytime phone number and receipt number for warranty service. 



When contacting Bright Baum, please be prepared to help troubleshoot the problem. We may request that you submit pictures of the product which illustrate the problem so that we can better determine the best way to resolve it. Any requested photos may include both close-ups of the problem and full views of the product. We reserve the right to repair or replace any part of the product serviced under warranty. 

*Bonsai trees are intended for indoor use only, NOT for outdoor use. All other LED Trees are intended for indoor/outdoor usage. Regular trees are waterproof but NOT flood proof.