Behind the beauty of nature, there are always strong elemental forces that follow. Bright Baum dominates in authenticity as well as durability, leaving no room for competition. Our artificial trees are so realistic and awesomely breathtaking because we strive to break the boundaries of beauty and creativity with our products simply by staying committed to our three core values: an enterprising amalgamation of design, detailed craftsmanship, and innovation.

All of our trees are in a complete league of their own. Each are hand-made and hand painted, hand crafted from scratch. Assembly-line manufacturing cannot capture the beauty we envision. We believe in sculpting each of our LED trees with the care and the attention to detail only the human eye can have, letting us replicate nature straight from its roots!

What Sets Us Apart!

Bright Baum artificial LED trees are hand-made life size replicas of the originals, making them great for landscapes and interior accents. Imparting beauty and an enthralling ambiance, our trees are the perfect complement at special events to make them even more memorable.

We use cutting-edge technology to form extremely life-like contours of the trees. Its simplicity in installation and the sheer splendor of the tree makes purchasing it de rigueur. Our goal is to sell the highest quality products that offer high value for our customers. The competitive price is just a bonus.

Who Do We Serve?

We believe that our customers are the lifeblood of our business and are the primary motivation for our work. Retail stores, both online and catalog, department stores and interior design firms are our main customers. 

We also count among our customers: nature centers, prestigious hotels, resorts, museums, casinos, retailers, event planners, libraries, music festivals, and commercial buildings as well as homes. They have all been instrumental in transforming the idea of interiors from the usual knick-knacks to those influenced by nature.

Once you buy one of our products, you will never go back to plain-ol’ decorating ever again!